You’re most likely to have encountered my writing in Hyperallergic

My most recent articles on Hyperallergic include a review of Adrian Piper's retrospective A Synthesis of Intuitions at the Museum of Modern Art (2018), a conversation with Jillian Steinhauer and Seph Rodney on failures of imagination with regards to race and empathy (2017), and an essay on abstraction and the value of Black lives (2016). 


“What We Don’t Know: The Failure of Presumed Understanding,” The Walker Reader, January 2018.

“Sorry not sorry,” Arts.Black, October 2017.

“Re-stagings No. 1: Choreographing Lewitt,” Performance Review, Women & Performance Journal, October 2017. (PDF)

Contributor Essay, Living and Sustaining a Creative Life: The Artist as Culture Producer (ed: Sharon Louden), published by Intellect Press, March 2017.

“The Role of the Question,” I Wish to Say: Activating Democracy One Voice at a Time (ed: Sheryl Oring), published by Intellect Press, September 2016.

“Experiments in Joy (Score)” Obsidian 41.1 and 41.2 (guest eds.: Gabrielle Civil and Ebony Noelle Golden), 2015.

“This slideshow is here so we both know what to do,” Emergency Index, published by Ugly Duckling Presse, 2014.

“‘What Would You Do With . . .?’ (A conversation about value),” Emergency Index, published by Ugly Duckling Presse, 2013.

“Tea Will Be Served,” Emergency Index, published by Ugly Duckling Presse, 2012.

“Not Ruined Enough,” Lab for Urban Futures: Detroit, published by SUPERFRONT, 2012.

“Notes from Architecture at Occupy Wall Street,” Broken Englishpublished in conjunction with Performa 11, edited by Julieta Aranda and Carlos Motta, November 2011. (With Mitch McEwen.)

“7884 Collaboration Profile” (working title), YAF Connections, published by AIA Young Architects Forum, November 2011. (With Mitch McEwen.)

“Defining a City,” City As Lab, edited by Adriana Young. Published by Parsons School of Design, 2011.

“From Small Plates to Big Purpose: Investigating Cities Bite by Bite,” Detroit: A Brooklyn Case Study, published by SUPERFRONT, 2011.

“Is Brooklyn (Abu Dhabi) Over?” New City Reader, published in conjunction with the New Museum’s Last Newspaper exhibit, 2010.


I used to blog infrequently for Exit Strataword serventsCulturebot, and Brooklyn Based.




Art As Social Action (2018), co-edited by myself and Dr. Gregory Sholette, is both a general introduction to and an illustrated, practical textbook for the field of social practice, an art medium that has been gaining popularity in the public sphere. With content arranged thematically around such topics as direct action, alternative organizing, urban imaginaries, anti-bias work, and collective learning, among others, Art as Social Action is a comprehensive manual for teachers about how to teach art as social practice. Along with a series of introductions by leading social practice artists in the field, valuable lesson plans offer examples of pedagogical projects for instructors at both college and high school levels with contributions written by prominent social practice artists, teachers, and thinkers. Available from Allworth Press

The Bureau of Self-Recognition book is a limited edition artist monograph designed in conjunction with Jessalyn Wakefield and am i human Press. The book contains original essays by Eric Heist (director of Momenta Art), Esther Neff (performance artist, critic, and curator), and Jessalyn Wakefield, alongside documentation of the full project and commentary by Chloë Bass.

Specs: 8″ x 8″, hardcover, 90 full-color pages.

This book is no longer available for sale. For inquiries about viewing a copy, please submit a direct request.